In a relationship with Jude Law from 2003 to 2011, actress Sienna Miller escaped the clutches of Harvey Weinstein thanks to her relationship with the star, currently starring in Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secrets. At least, that’s what the American-English thinks. The 40-year-old actress and model confided in the Guardian on Saturday April 23, and believes she was spared the admiration that the producer, convicted for his multiple harassments, assaults and rapes of women in the Hollywood industry, wore to her fiancé, then husband at the time.

According to Sienna Miller, Jude Law was well-liked by the businessman, who financed many of the hits he starred in like The Talented Mr. Ripley and Back to Cold Mountain. The one who saw her career launched by films like Factory Girl in 2006, produced by Harvey Weinstein, says that she has already suffered abuse from the producer during an uncivil exchange about her private life: “You’re not going to no more going out f*****, you no longer party, rah rah rah.”, would have yelled the Hollywood pundit after having made the young woman sit in his office, leaning over her. Sienna Miller says she burst into tears after the latter left slamming the door.

Sienna Miller: ‘I wasn’t afraid of him’

The star of the Netflix miniseries Anatomy of a Scandal now approaches these events with hindsight, “You weren’t really ushered in until Weinstein made you cry. […] I imagined that it “That was what Hollywood producers looked like. I really felt like he gave me the biggest consecration. I was so grateful. I wasn’t afraid of him, actually.” remembers the actress. Over time, however, Sienna Miller admits that she didn’t know who Harvey Weinstein really was, “I didn’t know he was raping people. He asked to meet me at a hotel, and I brought the other producers and c ‘was harmless. Nobody ever made me an offer against a job’. All the women who crossed paths with the producer who was definitively condemned on February 24, 2020, did not have a chance.

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