On June 2, 2022, Royal Air Force planes flew over Buckingham Palace.
On television, viewers saw an unidentified flying object among the planes.
According to some Internet users, extraterrestrials have invited themselves to the celebrations of the Platinum Jubilee of Elizabeth II.

Did extraterrestrials come to attend the celebrations of the jubilee of Elizabeth II? This is the crazy rumor that has been invading social networks for the past few days. On June 2, on the occasion of Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee, nine British fighter jets flew over Buckingham Palace to close the traditional Trooping the Color parade. But while the British present happily enjoyed the spectacle, those who attended from home were disturbed by the passage of a flying object like no other…

On social networks, many Internet users claim to have spotted an unidentified flying object, in the shape of a small luminous white point, in the blue, white and red trails left by the Red Arrows. “Silent Watchers came by to show their gear to the Queen,” wrote one Reddit user. “It’s a UFO in the shape of a metallic sphere, adds another, they show their presence now.”

The theories follow each other and are not alike

Of course, theory makes people react. And if some have fun imagining that aliens have invited themselves to the Queen’s jubilee, others hasten to find a more realistic explanation: “It’s the reflection of the lens. It moves with the movement of the camera,” a Reddit user comments. “It’s a balloon, says another. The angle of the helicopter and the planes gives the impression that it is flying fast”. “I think it’s a bird, says a third. I saw the images from another angle and it looks like a feathered animal. The image itself is accelerated so it gives the impression that the object goes fast, when it’s probably a seagull flying at its normal speed.” So, extraterrestrials visiting Earth or simple balloon in perdition? The mystery remains intact.

The “Trooping the Colour” military parade © AGENCY

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