Currently a refugee in the United Arab Emirates, Juan Carlos left Spain alone, without his wife Queen Sofia. It seems that the ex-king of the Iberian Peninsula did not plan to spend his exile alone, however. According to the tabloid press, the King Emeritus should be joined, if not already, by his mistress, Marta Gayá. According to rumors surrounding the Spanish royal family, the decorator from Mallorca has gravitated around Juan Carlos for 30 years. The story goes that Marta Gayá and Juan Carlos would have met in the summer of 1990, at a party organized by one of the friends of Felipe VI’s father. At the time, the one who is now 71 years old captured the heart of Juan Carlos. The lovers would have dated for many years, meeting up on trips abroad …

In Paris, at a mutual friend’s, at the Spanish ski resort Baqueira in winter, or during the summer holidays in Mallorca … A relative of the former monarch had told the Spanish newspaper El Español that Marta Gayá “had made her lose her mind. Without a doubt, she was the woman of his life.” In the meantime, Juan Carlos would have met Corinna Larsen, who would have been his second mistress.

A love story that has lasted for 30 years

A relative of the royal family had confided at the time: “Over the many years, their story has gone through different phases, including Corinna. But there is nothing to compare! There is a big difference between the two: ambition. While Marta only wanted to be by her side in intimate moments, without anyone knowing it, the German wanted to be at her side, but also seated on the throne “. The relationship between Juan Carlos and Marta Gayá is said to have intensified after the latter abdicated in 2013 and retired from public life in 2019. In 2017, the two were even seen together in Dublin, at a mutual friend’s house and were surrendered at the inauguration of a church decorated by Marta Gayá. Now that Juan Carlos has left Spain, the Spanish press claims that the lovers plan to end their days together.

Marta Gayá in Barcelona in 2007 © GTRES

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