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Juan Carlos very isolated: why he has already planned to return to Spain

After more than a month and a half spent away from his Spain, King Juan Carlos, would begin to find the time long. According to information relayed by the blog Histoires Royales, he could also leave Abu Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates, where he is in exile, to return to his country. Indeed, the former sovereign would be greatly bored in his huge room in the luxury hotel in which he is located. “A close friend even said that King Juan Carlos could return very soon, on the occasion of a symbolic date,” the blog continues. Thus, the father of Felipe VI could return in mid-October to his country. Those close to the Spanish royalty even think that it could be October 12, which is the Spanish National Day, also known as Hispanic Day.

Since he made the choice to flee his country to let his son perform his duties in the best possible conditions, Juan Carlos would feel very lonely. After sending a letter to his son, King Felipe, announcing his decision to leave the country, the Palace tried to cover their tracks by making it appear that he had boarded a plane bound for Paris. Only, he had stopped at a small Spanish airport on the Portuguese border, and then headed for the United Arab Emirates.

Juan Carlos is separated from his wife, Queen Sofia

It was alone, without Queen Sofia, that Juan Carlos had left his country. Far from her husband, she continues to serve her country, hoping for the return of her husband as soon as possible. Every day, she actively chairs her Foundation to help those most in need.

Juan Carlos © GTRES

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