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Juan Carlos of Spain: his squeaky tackle to his stepdaughter Letizia before his marriage to Felipe VI

Within the royal family, Letizia of Spain does not seem to be unanimous, whether with Queen Sofia or Juan Carlos I. Arriving in the Spanish monarchy after her marriage to Felipe VI on May 22, 2004, the former journalist quickly became a breath of fresh air for the royal family, embodying modernity, but also the future of the crown. And as queen, she herself is responsible for teaching her daughters, Princess Leonor and Infanta Sofia, to each hold their own rank, while her 15-year-old elder will be called upon to succeed her father. A role far removed from that of representation which the queens of Spain have always shown until then, which King Juan Carlos has never approved.

As reported by Gala, on newsstands Thursday, August 13, it is very annoyed that the former king, now exiled in the Dominican Republic while he is involved in corruption cases, had had a scathing sentence against his daughter-in-law, while he had just learned of the imminent marriage of his son Felipe VI with her. “Let’s drink for the Crown, because no one knows how long it will last”, he had launched during a dinner. A little spike that made particular reference to Letizia of Spain’s desires to break protocol somewhat, and to appear in the foreground of royal life alongside her husband, while her predecessors stood back.

An education far from the Spanish monarchy

A position taken by Letizia of Spain, which probably results from her background but also from her education. Daughter of a journalist and a nurse, the Queen of Spain has no royal blood flowing in her veins and has always led a very simple civic life. Independent, she even got married for the first time to the professor of literature Alonso Guerrero, she divorced a year after the wedding to marry in 2004 the crown prince to the throne of Spain, met with a mutual friend, the journalist Pedro Erquicia.

Queen Letizia of Spain and King Juan Carlos I – The royal family attends the first commu © GTRES

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