The deposed King Juan Carlos I recently escaped conviction for embezzlement and corruption. The investigations were closed without action by the Spanish justice, at the beginning of March 2022. After a brief respite, the former Spanish sovereign must face another legal case. Juan Carlos I is accused of sexual harassment by his ex-mistress Corinna zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Sayn. Juan Carlos, the ex-king of Spain, 84, would like to appeal to his immunity to get out of it. This following the decision of the British justice. On March 29, 2022, AFP recalled that British justice refused immunity to the father of King Felipe VI of Spain. While he is still exiled in the United Arab Emirates, Juan Carlos could face the consequences of the legal proceedings initiated by his ex-mistress.

The 58-year-old Danish is known to have been the mistress of the former Spanish ruler for five years. The businesswoman “is suing her ex-lover in order to obtain damages for alleged acts of harassment”, indicates the magazine Pure People. According to documents filed by the ex-mistress of Juan Carlos, they had an “intimate romantic relationship” between 2004 and 2009. But after their separation, the husband of Queen Sofia of Spain would have adopted a “behaviour of the harassment” in the face of the complainant’s refusal to resume the relationship. The actions of the former King of Spain would have caused distress and anxiety to the complainant.

Juan Carlos is no longer sovereign and no longer entitled to personal immunity

Immunity for former King Juan Carlos is what lawyers for Juan Carlos of Spain are seeking. On Tuesday March 29, the High Court in London ruled that Juan Carlos is no longer a sovereign or a head of state. As a result, the High Court finds that personal immunity cannot be conferred on him. Reason why Juan Carlos’ lawyers intend to appeal. The Court of Appeal can grant or deny this right, according to Pure People.

King Juan Carlos of Spain © Cyril Moreau – Alain Rolland

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