Juan Carlos in the United Arab Emirates: these privileges of the ex-king which continue to be controversial

The discontent of the Spaniards after the departure of Juan Carlos I is likely to increase. Targeted by two corruption investigations, which suspect him of having received money from Saudi Arabia, Felipe VI’s father chose exile so that these cases do not overshadow the sovereign’s affairs and does not tarnish the reputation of the royal family. Now exiled in the United Arab Emirates, more precisely in Abu Dhabi where he occupies a suite at the Emirates Palace, in a suite estimated at 12,000 euros a night, Juan Carlos I leads a life … of a castle. At the expense of the taxpayer.

“It seems obvious that Spain pays the close protection of the king emeritus, four members of the royal guard. A personal assistant is also assigned to him, paid from public funds”, assures José Antonio Zarzalejos, interviewed by Le Figaro, who specifies that Juan Carlos I “no longer receives retribution”. “It is therefore likely that he does not regulate his movement or handling himself”, adds the journalist, while members of the Spanish royal family are prohibited from accepting gifts exceeding the standards of courtesy, specifies the daily. .

Juan Carlos I extradited if found guilty

A subject that seems to bother the Spanish monarchy while the Spaniards are mostly unhappy with the exile of their former king, including those over 30 who consider his heritage to be generally positive. And for Letizia of Spain and Felipe VI, the exile of Juan Carlos I seems to be a taboo subject. Indeed during their vacation, the royal couple was questioned about the destination chosen by the former king. A question they have chosen to avoid, especially the queen, who usually takes pleasure in answering journalists’ questions. However, this exile should not allow Juan Carlos to escape justice, since he can always be extradited. It was in 2010 that Spain signed an extradition agreement with the United Arab Emirates. An agreement signed by Juan Carlos I himself.

King Juan Carlos of Spain, Princess Elena de Borbon, Felipe Juan Froilan de Marichalar, Fernando Gom © © Billy Chappel / KCS

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