Juan Carlos: how the Spaniards accidentally discovered the king’s mistress

Like most monarchs throughout history, Juan Carlos I was not always loyal to his wife, Sofia of Greece. In the 1980s, the one who recently went into exile in the United Arab Emirates was ready to divorce his wife in favor of his mistress, Marta Gayá. According to the magazine Point de Vue, the existence of the latter was also revealed to the Spaniards in a surprising way, in the context of an eminent crisis. In June 1992, the former sovereign could not be found when the then Foreign Minister, Fernandez Ordoñez, wanted to leave his post because of advanced cancer. If the president of the government Felipe Gonzalez had accepted this request, the ex-king had only to give his approval.

The press was then responsible for finding Juan Carlos I. His quest quickly paid off. King Felipe VI’s father – for whom he abdicated in 2014 – was discovered in Gstaad, Switzerland, where he was in the company, not of his wife, but of his mistress, Marta Gayá. In love with this independent woman, decorator by profession appreciated by high society, met when he was 50 years old at the Club de Mar in Marbella, the exiled king multiplied the secret meetings with the latter, in Switzerland, in Palma but also in Paris. Their happiness interrupted, Juan Carlos I returned to Spain after five days of absence in order to launch the procedure for replacing Fernandez Ordoñez. The opportunity for him to also find Sofia from Greece? Not at all. By refusing to do without the one that made his heart beat, the ex-king quickly took to the chase to find her in Switzerland.

Lovers far from Spain

A love that has gone through many trials, including the presence of other mistresses like, Corinna Larsen. Relations incomparable to that which Juan Carlos I, inveterate seducer, lives with Marta Gaya. “There is a big difference between the two: ambition. While Marta only wanted to be by her side in intimate moments, without anyone knowing it, the German wanted to be by her side, but also sitting on the throne.” The proof, this love would have intensified after the abdication of the monarch as well as his withdrawal from public life in 2019. The distance will not separate them. Far from Spain, he who is in the sights of justice, and Sofia of Greece, Juan Carlos I would think of ending his life with the chosen one of his heart.

Unfaithful husband © GTRES

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