Juan Arbelaez: his touching words for Colombia live in Daily

Since April 28, 2021, thousands of Colombians have been demonstrating to demand the resignation of President Ivan Duque. While an official report of the demonstrations shows 24 dead and more than 850 injured, it is on the set of Quotidien that Juan Arbelaez wished to express his support for his native country, but also for the families of the victims. He thus confided: “Yann, the last days have been very hard for all Colombians in the world. I wanted to thank you already and the whole team of Quotidien. Paul, to talk about it, because the whole world needs to see the barbarities that are being experienced by the Colombian people. “

While many Colombians have lost their lives in recent days, Laury Thilleman’s husband added: “I wanted to send a message and all my condolences to all the families who have lost a loved one in Colombia today and most importantly, I hope it will be settled very quickly because they are a people who deserve to live in peace, in justice and in equality. All the people who have visited this country know how beautiful this country is. ” A few days earlier, it was on Instagram that Juan Arbelaez had spoken on the subject. “No one wins with violence! A strong thought to the families of all Colombians who have lost their lives in the past few days, and I think of the protesters and state forces who gave up their lives in this story. Violence n ‘is and has not been an answer to anything or a solution, “he said.

A word for Colombia ⬇️ # Daily pic.twitter.com/wXDOH3VYfV

– Daily (@Qofficiel) May 7, 2021

Juan Arbelaez is wholeheartedly with the Colombians

Far from his native country, the chef added in his long Instagram post: “Please !!!!! Let’s stop putting an end to our people and our country that we have been defending, loving and progressing for so long! Let’s do it in peace, whether it’s a strike, a strike or a discussion, there must be peace. If I hadn’t spoken before, it’s because I don’t like to speak without having all the information , because I am fed up with manipulations on the networks! I do not do politics either and I am not interested in taking a position! All I want is that my country and especially the Colombian people can live in peace and justice. Colombia, I love you and I will love you forever. “

Juan Arbelaez © TMC

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