If she is only 14 years old, Joy Hallyday already has a strong character. A personality in the image of his father, the late Johnny, who did not hesitate to express himself frankly when a subject upset him. Laeticia Hallyday even encourages Jade’s little sister not to let herself be walked on. “Never forget what your dad told you. Never let anyone dictate to you what you should feel, what you should be. Because no one is in your place. You are free to follow your desires, your dreams. You are free to be yourself, this one would have written to him on the occasion of his last birthday. Also, Joy is not afraid to step up when her family is attacked. last July, she responded with a well-felt “no bestie no” to a surfer who attacked Jade: “Your fake sister doesn’t even have the same Vietnamese parents as yours, you don’t have the same blood nor DNA. Go help your parents in Vietnam instead of showing off bling bling.”

Joy Hallyday does not want to waste her time because of the unfair criticism of which she is the target. The teenager is however out of her reserve this Tuesday, November 1, after having spent the evening of Halloween with her comrades in Los Angeles. For the occasion, Laura Smet’s sister-in-law had relegated her vampire outfit to the closet, preferring rabbit ears, shorts and a top. An unorthodox costume displayed on Instagram where his followers were deeply divided. If some Internet users have found Joy “too beautiful” or “very cute”, others consider “a little short this outfit anyway”. The girl then clarified: “I want to say that I was not ‘alone’ there were so many people celebrating Halloween”. But when a surfer throws at her: “You are copying your sister in vulgarity”, Joy Hallyday does not hold back her blows: “Oh, shut up”. An uppercut worthy of his father when he sang: “What my face? / What’s with my face? / Something wrong? It does not come back to you?”

This touching photo of Joy Hallyday which moved Johnny’s fans

On social networks, Joy Hallyday often pays tribute to her father who died on December 5, 2017, at the age of 74. Last Wednesday, the teenager posted on her Instagram account a photo where we can see her wearing an accessory that she seems to care about a lot. As winter approaches, Joy Hallyday has put on a garment to warm her heart and body. “Dad’s sweater because it’s getting cold,” she wrote in the comments of a selfie. The photo did not cause controversy, quite the contrary. Internet users were unanimously touched by this testimony of affection. Between two “Heart” emojis, his followers replied with great warmth: “Your dad’s sweater darling, he’s always close to you my Joy”, “We can see that he misses his dad”, “It suits you well “, “My doll so pretty. I wish you only happiness. Your dad protects you from up there”, “It’s cool to have such a memory to wear”…

Joy Hallyday: targeted because of her outfit, she comes out of her hinges!

Joy Hallyday © Instagram Joy Hallyday

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