Josh Cavallo’s name will forever be etched in football history. This young Australian player has just broken a taboo far too present in his sport in front of the first active professional footballer to come out. Aware that his testimony is unpublished, the international junior published a moving video on his social networks. In it, which lasts nearly three minutes, Joshua Cavallo appears very moved, almost stammering. “Hello everyone, I’m Josh Cavallo. I have something personal to share with you: I’m a soccer player and I’m gay,” he simply confides in front of the camera. On his Twitter and Instagram accounts, the young athlete also explained the reason why he decided to publicly come out: “Growing up, I always felt the need to hide. I was ashamed. Hide who l ‘we really want to pursue our childhood dream … “

“All I want is to play football and be treated like everyone else. I’m tired of trying to perform well while leading this double life, it’s tiring and I don’t wish anyone to go through this.” , continued Josh Cavallo, who took a long time to speak publicly about his sexual orientation. And if the young man was afraid, he is happy to have spoken. “I thought people would be different to me if I revealed the truth, started saying bad things about me or laughing at me, but they aren’t. friends, my teammates, my coaches, all have been amazing, added Josh Cavallo with a smile. The responses I received are wonderful. Which makes me wonder why I kept this to myself for all this. time.” With his testimony, he wants to “inspire people and show them that it is okay to be yourself and to play football” but also to tell “people who suffer” to be themselves: “With this coming out, I am happy and proud to show who Josh Cavallo is, the real Josh Cavallo”.

Josh’s Truth

– Adelaide United (@AdelaideUnited) October 27, 2021

Josh Cavallo: a player with a future

After the publication of his moving testimony, many clubs and footballers paid tribute to him. “Proud of you,” wrote Antoine Griezmann. “I don’t have the pleasure of knowing you personally, but I want to thank you for this step that you have taken. The world of football is late and you are helping us to move forward,” added Gérard Piqué. Born in November 1999, Josh Cavallo is a left-back and midfielder at Adelaide United club. He also represented the Australia Under-20 team. Originally from the suburbs of Melbourne, he started his career with the city club before moving to Western United, where he played before joining the Adelaide team.

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