What could have prompted Jordan Lenisa to coldly slaughter his family members? On July 26, 2012 in Bozel, Savoy, the 23-year-old young man killed his brother Benjamin, 17, with a bullet in the head, as well as his very young Victor, who was going to celebrate his eight years the next day. After waiting for the return of his father Florent, 49, he also killed the latter.

After these three murders were committed, Jordan Lenisa lashed out at his mother, attempting to strangle her, suffocate her with cushions and knock her out with a log. The mother will finally manage to escape.

Jordan Lenisa never denied the facts during his trial by the Savoy Assize Court in 2015, but the reasons for his actions are still unclear. Inveterate liar, the statements of the accused had not made it possible to see more clearly. Regarding the murder of his father, he claimed to have acted out of “hatred” because he “belittled him all the time” and then “heard a voice” telling him to kill his two brothers as well.

Money at the heart of the Jordan Lenisa affair

According to his mother and his sister, Jordan would have committed these acts “for the money” because “he always wanted more”. The family was indeed very well off. She owned two Ferraris, and Jordan, had repeatedly shown his interest in the family heritage.

However, he denied having wanted to kill his mother. But for the family lawyer, this declaration had a specific purpose: to be able to touch the inheritance. “If he is convicted of attempted murder on his mother, he will be struck down with inheritance unworthiness, he will not be able to touch the millions: this is why he contests”, explained Me Christophe Cossonnet. A reason that the accused has always refuted, while acknowledging having learned about the subject on the internet.

The Advocate General had told him that “the relationship to money is undoubtedly what is most troubled in this file”, but considered that “the underlying reasons for the act” are “obviously psychological”, citing a “feeling of abandonment” or “rivalry with the brothers”.

Shortly before the announcement of the verdict, Jordan Lenisa had “asked forgiveness” from his mother and sister “for the harm” he did them. He was eventually sentenced to 20 years of criminal imprisonment. The court gave the sentence a security period of 13 years.

Jordan Lenisa case © Pexels

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