On November 11, 2003, Jonathan Brandis died at the age of 27. He was at a dinner party with friends at his home in Los Angeles. During the evening, his friends noticed that he had a strange attitude … Finally, he got up and left to go upstairs. After a quarter of an hour, a friend – worried not to see him return – went to look for him, and found him hanged in the hall. The actor had committed suicide with a nylon rope. Help is quickly called and the young actor is taken to the Los Angeles hospital. But they fail to revive him: Jonathan Brandis dies in the night, on November 12.

According to his mother, he was fine, but he sometimes drank … She did not find him depressed and wondered if it is not his anti-acne treatment, very strong, which would not have. created a psychosis in him, and thus caused his suicide. According to his friends, Jonathan Brandis was completely drunk that night. The times before his death, he was very worried and depressed by his career which he found stagnant. His death at the age of 27 has been mentioned several times, in reference to the club of 27, listing many artists, all dead at 27.

What films did Jonathan Brandis play in?

Jonathan Brandis has appeared in many movies and TV series. As a child, he already appeared in many commercials and TV programs: The Law of Los Angeles, Full House, Madame est served, Arabesque, Alien Nation, Flash, The Favorite Years … , shootings have become rarer. He would run the castings, but could not get any roles, which plunged him into a deep depression. His last film, Puerto Vallarta Squeeze, was released a year after his death.


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