Johnny Hallyday: this little-known friend who has covered scabrous cases more than once

If we know the artistic agents of Johnny Hallyday, there is a shadow personality who helped him on a completely different level: the scandal. To hide his setbacks from the press, the singer used to call a certain Marc Francelet to the rescue. Former journalist of Paris Match, former editor of VSD, he knew the workings of the press, thus moving from informant, columnist, to real grave when it comes to being silent on the actions, empty passages, and other scandals. In particular those of Johnny Hallyday, with whom he remained close until the publication of an investigation by Le Point on the financial arrangements of André Boudou and the singer.

However, Marc Francelet can boast of having avoided many scandals to Johnny Hallyday. “Alibi, confidant, he lifts him up, puts him down, does everything to arrange everything”, reports Paris Match, on newsstands Wednesday, May 12. In the spring of 2003, for example, when he was celebrating his 60th birthday, Johnny Hallyday was accused by Marie-Christine Vo, a hostess on a yacht he had rented, of rape. A complaint is filed for these facts which go back to 2001. Summoned as an assisted witness, the singer will come out free of all charges, and this because Marc Francelet has saved him from prison.

This time when Johnny Hallyday “played with a colt”

A few years earlier already, the journalist had been ready to pounce when photos of Johnny Hallyday, naked in his town of Saint-Tropez surrounded by happy girls, had been found and seized by the police. He had even moved to the pimping repression squad to plead “a non-priced amorous pass”, when, on arriving, a “very high order” had already preceded him in his approach and swept the affair aside. Or this time when, after a violent argument with Laeticia Hallyday, the singer had called his friend, telling him to have “played the con with a colt”. “At the moment I thought he had killed someone,” testifies Marc Francelet. No dead then, but a Johnny Hallyday “wandering like a zombie” that he appeased before “confiscating the gun” and going home. A friend in the shadows has that he ended up calling to go “to hell” after the revelation of a case that had not been avoided.

Johnny Hallyday © Veeren Ramsamy-Christophe Clovis

Johnny Hallyday © Veeren Ramsamy-Christophe Clovis
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