Johnny Hallyday left with great regret. As Philippe Maneuver confided in an interview granted to Paris Match, the rocker blamed himself for not having been able to spend enough time with his two children David and Laura. “We have often and at length mentioned David and Laura. Johnny was very angry with himself for not having been able to raise them on a daily basis.” revealed Philippe Maneuver. According to him, it is also for this reason that the late rocker moved to Los Angeles in 1973, at least to “get closer to David”. “He probably thought sometimes at the end, because he had drawn up his will just before the tour. I was amazed, he said to me: ‘I made good decisions, my children will not miss anything'”, the reporter also added. Eventually, things didn’t really go as planned and an unnamed war broke out within the Hallyday clan over Johnny’s legacy.

Philippe Maneuver on Johnny Hallyday: “He was a shock daddy”

Note that with his goodbyes other girls, however, Jade and Joy, it was totally different. Often, Laetitia Hallyday’s adopted daughters were able to accompany her backstage during her concerts and thus share more time with Johnny Hallyday. “Jade and Joy were playing with their nanny in a corner of the dressing room. They were looking at the scales from the wings, helmets on their ears … For Johnny, the presence of these little ones was a blessing, he spoke of her with a immense tenderness. He took time for them. He was a dad of shock “concluded Philippe Maneuver, still in the columns of Paris Match.

Johnny Hallyday, David and Laura © AGENCE

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