Johnny Hallyday “surrounded by picnics”: Laeticia cleaned up her entourage

Johnny Hallyday was a (too) generous man, and this is not just a myth. This is why, over the years, his close friends have gradually stopped accepting gifts from the rocker who did not hesitate to heat up the bank card. “Johnny loved to go shopping,” reveals Pierre Billon, one of his old friends, in the columns of Paris Match.

“Between us, there was no longer any question of Johnny watering everyone, all the time,” he said. Then he adds that “the time of the picnic” that he knew in the 1980s ended “thanks” to Laeticia Hallyday. Little by little, she reduced the circle of friends of the idol of young people, who were sometimes too interested.

Laeticia Hallyday scheduled Johnny’s last road trip

Moreover, it was she who was responsible for planning her husband’s last road trip, in 2016. “She knew that we were regular guys, who would not do anything,” says Pierre Billon. “And who would even dare to say no to Johnny if he ordered a bottle of vodka. So if Johnny paid for dinner on Monday, he was no longer paying for the week.”

During this final trip organized with the greatest care by his wife, Johnny Hallyday said he was “out of breath” on several occasions. His friends saw nothing but fire and his wife, “terrified” since the appearance of the first symptoms (before the road trip) at first “refused” to ask more questions. But the main concerned understood that his health was deteriorating. “Johnny didn’t officially know he was sick. But in retrospect, I think he knew. Well … that he felt something was wrong,” says director François Goetghebeur. Johnny Hallyday died a few months later, on December 5, 2017, in Marnes-la-Coquette.

Laeticia Hallyday © Denis Guignebourg

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