December 5, 2022 marks five years since the death of Johnny Hallyday. On this occasion, his son David Hallyday took to his Instagram account to pay him a nice tribute. Indeed, in story, the singer shared a snapshot on which father and son pose all smiles. Then, in the caption, he added a quote from the Little Prince: “It’s like for the flower, if you love a flower that is in a star, it’s sweet, at night, to look at the sky.. .”. A moving tribute that came after that of Joy Hallyday. Borrowing from emotion, the young woman also paid a moving tribute to her deceased father. “Already 5 years that you are no longer by my side. There is no way to express my sadness and my pain. Thank you for being my strength every day even if you are no longer here. Learn and live with I miss you in your hyper rock n roll perspective. I miss you more than anything. I love you,” she wrote in an Instagram post.

Note that Laeticia Hallyday has obviously also paid tribute to Johnny Hallyday for the five years of his death. “5 years already since you left, 5 years which seem like a century to me, an eternity…we still miss you and forever. All December 5ths are no longer ordinary days but anyway they are rare days without you ….Rare because in truth we live together every moment and it is certainly you who helps me to regain a taste for life, to find meaning in my existence, because I know that you would not want us to be unhappy.” wrote Laeticia Hallyday, referring to their daughters, Jade and Joy. Then, she added: “It is thanks to you that we manage to rebuild ourselves. I had promised you to do everything to get up and continue to live for Jade and Joy, to live up to your dreams for them. I hope never to disappoint you. We miss you more than words because they will never be strong enough to express this still strong pain of his absence. Tonight at the cemetery of Lorient with your fans who are the for you, we will look at the sky, there will be a star that will shine more than the others… because you are never far, you watch, you protect us. We love you forever”.

Death of Johnny Hallyday: soon an exhibition and a documentary

Note that in the coming days the traveling exhibition dedicated to the late rocker will take place, which will begin in Brussels on December 16, 2022. The broadcast of the documentary “Johnny by Laeticia” is also planned for December 8 on M6. To promote this exclusive documentary, the now companion of Jalil Lespert was on the Daily set, Monday, November 28, 2022. “I continue to feed on him, and these events continue to bring him to life”, a-t- she so stated. As a reminder, Johnny Hallyday died of a terrible lung cancer. His burial is on the island of Saint-Barthélémy.

Johnny Hallyday: his son David, very moved, pays tribute to him for the 5 years of his death

Johnny and David Hallyday © Guillaume Gaffiot

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