Johnny Hallyday: his dog, Santos, is at its worst

Laetitia Hallyday is worried. Her dog Santos has serious health concerns. It was a close relative who broke the news on Instagram, revealing that it was Mickey Rourke, a friend of the Hallydays, who drove him to the vet. “Thank you Mickey Rourke for taking care of Mickey Rourke with Dr Lisa from the Malibu vet,” it read. “My baby”, wrote Laetitia Hallyday in comment. “Prayers and love for our Santos. My baby,” she added.

Internet users then published many messages in support. “Full of positive vibes to Santos”, “Heal Santos quickly. I have a strong thought for you little love”, “Full of good vibes for Santos, with all my heart with you”, “Stay strong my baby”, have writes Internet users. As a reminder, Santos is 10 years old. On October 12, he will celebrate his eleven years. Johnny Hallyday was adopted in 2014 by Johnny and Laetitia Hallyday.

Laetitia Hallyday pampers her dogs

Soon 4 years after the death of the rocker, Laeticia Hallyday still takes care of Cheyenne but also Santos, the black Labrador from Taulier, now 10 years old. We see Jalil Lespert’s companion regularly, walking her two dogs, but also on Instagram where she regularly gives their news.

Cheyenne is also entitled to her own Instagram account, which can be found under the name @cheyenneandsantos. On it are regularly posted photos but also videos, of the bitch who has happy days in the company of her mistresses.

Johnny Hallyday and Santos © INSTAGRAM / LAETITIA HALLYDAY

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