To treat themselves to something from their idol, fans are willing to spend crazy sums! And that’s exactly what happened to the admirers of Le Taulier. This Saturday, November 28, just a few days before the sad anniversary of the death of Johnny Hallyday, an exceptional auction took place. The Drouot house has indeed put up for sale several objects that have belonged to several stars, including the rocker. A lucky man was able to leave the sale with … a lock of Johnny Hallyday’s hair, which he had offered during a fan club contest in 1971. “During this day spent with his favorite singer, Johnny gave him handed over a faux-leather notebook, stamped in golden letters JH CLUB and autographed with a lock of her hair slipped into the left opening of the notebook “, wrote Drouot.

But to afford this capillary memory, the fan of Johnny had to pay an insane amount: 6,500 euros! And this is not at all the first time that a lock of hair of the idol of the young people flew at a high price. Already in 2020, a fan was able to afford this astonishing memory, which the singer offered to his appointed hairdresser at the Jacques Dessange salon in 1982 after an appointment. In 2018, Adeline Blondieau also organized a huge sale of her memories with her former husband. In the midst of jackets, stage costumes and other items? A butt and a small pack of 1996 Gitanes cigarettes that were smoked by Johnny Hallyday. The butt was estimated at a price of 50 euros. It immediately aroused the auction and was sold for 250 euros – or 319 euros with costs.

“For an object that belonged to Johnny Hallyday, it is not expensive”

“I wanted a little piece of him at home. I had spotted the objects a bit before coming,” he confided to us after his purchase. “According to the estimates, I had set myself budgets. And as the prices have not soared, I was able to afford it”, Hervé congratulated himself in our columns. For him, this object is “symbolic”: “It belonged to him, he smoked it, then threw it away. There is his brand, his DNA. 250 euros, it is not too expensive for a butt. For a object that belonged to Johnny Hallyday, it is not expensive. I will frame it and put it in my window at home so that everyone can see it. The t-shirts I will not wear them, he will must not be touched to preserve them “. When we love, we really don’t count!

Johnny Hallyday © FAMEFLYNET

Lara T.
Lara T.

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