A photo that set the fire to the powder. After several weeks of hearings, the trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard has delivered its verdict. The American actress was finally found guilty of defamation against her ex-husband. She was thus ordered to pay 15 million dollars in damages. A sentence that was eventually reduced to 10.35 million dollars. A difficult judgment to accept for Amber Heard, present during the announcement of the verdict, and who quickly warned that she could not pay this sum and that she was going to appeal. For his part, Johnny Depp was not present in the room when the decision was announced. He was indeed in the United Kingdom for professional reasons.

And some shots of his getaway on British soil were unveiled this Sunday, June 5. And one of them almost caused the star’s fans to have a heart attack. We see Johnny Depp in fact accompanied by a pretty blonde, his hand placed delicately on the belly of the young woman, pregnant. Internet users then immediately thought that the actor was going to become a father.

The young woman in the photo makes things clear

The woman in the photo is actually Lauren Whittington, manager of the Bridge Tavern in Newcastle, who hosted the comedian in her restaurant. “He didn’t seem nervous at all,” the young woman said in an interview with E! News, before adding, “He just seemed to want to interact with people and not talk about the case, which was completely understandable.” She also took the opportunity to make some secrets about the famous photo and the words that Johnny Depp slipped to her. “When I did the picture with Johnny, he asked me how many months I was. He said it would be the most magical thing I would ever do and that I wouldn’t know love until to watch her for the first time. He talked about his kids and told me how proud he was to be a father,” she continued. And to conclude: “It’s great to tell me that this is a story that I will be able to tell my daughter! I told him that his words were going to make me cry and he gave me a big hug”.

Johnny Depp © Backgrid UK

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