All shots are allowed (no pun intended)… Since April 11, Amber Heard and Johnny Depp have been clashing in a highly publicized trial. In question ? The actress has accused her ex-husband of domestic violence, which he strongly denies. So much so that he decided to go on the offensive by filing a complaint for defamation. In Fairfax, the jurors must therefore determine whether or not the actor was violent with his ex and if she is therefore telling the truth. Except that since the beginning of the case, the actor has been favored by the spectators of this trial. Never mind Amber Heard’s shocking revelations. Sexual assault, rape, blows of all kinds … the mother of Oonagh Paige seems to have lived through hell during her relationship with Johnny Depp. But now the wheel may be turning.

This Tuesday, May 17, it was again Amber Heard who was at the helm for a new day of cross-examination. Johnny Depp’s lawyer, Camille Vasquez then presented the accused with a photograph of Johnny Depp taken during the couple’s honeymoon in July 2015 while they were on board the Orient Express. In said snap, the Pirates of the Caribbean star appears with what appear to be two black eyes and bruises as he strikes a pose with his wife and three men. An image that did not fail to react to the latter. “I’ve seen this photo before and he’s not injured on it,” says Amber Heard. And to accuse: “This one was photoshopped!”. This could therefore undermine the credibility of Johnny Depp. Unless it backfires on Amber Heard.

This witness who attests to the violence suffered by Johnny Depp

During her testimony, the actress claimed that during her honeymoon in Asia with Johnny Depp, her husband slapped her, grabbed her by the neck and pinned her against the wall of their sleeping car. But no photograph attests to these supposed facts. “It’s the only photo from your honeymoon that shows someone hurt,” remarks, scathingly, Johnny Depp’s pugnacious lawyer, referring to his client. Previously in the court of justice, the actor’s bodyguard had assured that he had taken this famous image, as reported by the Daily Mail. Malcolm Connolly then pointed to what he describes as “edema” on the left side of Johnny Depp’s nose and under his left eye. If he never directly witnessed the physical violence between the two lovers, he nevertheless heard them argue. He also claimed to have started noticing scratches and bruises on Johnny Depp’s face but never any injuries on Amber Heard’s. A statement that goes against the photographs of the injured actress that the jurors were able to discover during this trial.

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