One would have thought that an 8 million dollar conviction in total for defamation pronounced by the Court of Fairfax in Virginia could have eased the pressure, that the rumors saying Johnny Depp ready to give up this money could have calmed things down. But Amber Heard has obviously not finished her fight and gave a long interview to NBC, which will be published Friday evening by Dateline: she continues her offensive.

Amber Heard brandishes the existence of a binder of evidence that the court dismissed as ‘hearsay’

Amber Heard persists and signs. Since she lost the legal battle, the 36-year-old actress seems to want to win the media battle. This is how she gave a long interview to Dateline, giving journalists a binder containing all the notes taken by her therapist since 2011, noting according to her the violence she denounced and which earned her a court conviction. These notes had already been submitted to justice during the long trial which opposed it to Johnny Depp and broadcast on television. But the Fairfax court judge had already dismissed the notes as “hearsay” and barred her legal team from submitting the documents as evidence. The actress denies being “vindictive” or acting out of “revenge” for her ex-husband, indicating that she still loves him enormously, although she reiterates her accusations of violence against him, the reason for the trial that Johny Depp had sued him. By making her famous workbook public, wouldn’t Amber Heard throw oil on the fire? In an explosive 20-minute preview of the Dateline episode, notes taken by Heard’s therapist during their sessions are indeed shown onscreen, with journalist Savannah Guthrie revealing that these notes contain several descriptions of violence that the actress claimed to have sparred on her dates. The fire between the two actors is therefore not likely to go out …

The extraordinary and unprecedented trial was fully televised © Backgrid USA


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