A testimony that could cost Johnny Depp dearly. This Tuesday, May 18, in court in Fairfax, Virginia, defense attorney Elaine Bredehoft called Amber Heard’s first witness to the bar: Io Tillett Wright. A close friend of the actress, the latter met Johnny Depp in the course of 2013 and subsequently developed a relationship of friendship with him. It was then that he would have discovered a man much more complex than he seemed…

On the helm, the 36-year-old producer said Johnny Depp was a “magical, friendly and kind” man as long as he stayed sober. But once under the influence of alcohol, the actor was transformed into an unrecognizable, “cruel and misogynistic” being, who sometimes had extremely violent remarks towards his wife. “She’s got no talent and when her n*******s start to sag and her face gets wrinkled, nobody’s going to care about her for anything anymore,” the Pirates star once said. Caraïnes about his wife.

“We’re married, now I can punch him in the face and there’s nothing anyone can do about it”

In 2015, the very day of his marriage to Amber Heard, Johnny Depp would have even made comments suggesting that he was physically abusing his wife. “Leaving the ceremony and entering the restaurant where the party was taking place, I was walking with Johnny, I was congratulating him on his marriage and he was like, ‘We’re married, now I can punch him in the face. and nobody can do anything about it,'” Io Tillett Wright told the court. A terrible sentence sounding like a confession, which could well cost the star of Edward Scissorhands dearly, who continues to deny outright the accusations of domestic violence made by his ex-wife.

During his testimony, Io Tillett Wright pointed out that he never saw Johnny Depp raise his hand on his friend. However, he claims to have already been afraid for his safety, to the point of calling the police to protect her. It was in 2016, the day of the famous “cacagate”. As the two actors were preparing to join the Coachella festival, Amber Heard would have called Wright. The latter would then have heard Depp accuse him of having defecated on his bed. “You think I hit you? What if I take your hair off?” Depp would have yelled. Wright claims he then heard the actress scream and her phone drop.

The trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard will end on May 27.

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