Not a day goes by without the trial between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp being talked about. Indeed, the two actors who unpack their private life in the eyes of all, do not hesitate to make many low blows. The latest: the presence of alpaca stuffed animals in court. Small animals supposed to cheer up Johnny Depp, as explained by the young woman at the initiative of this idea. Thus, the emblem of the actor’s supporters happens to be alpacas.

This May 19, 2022, a new video made Internet users react. Indeed, Johnny Depp is filmed stifling a laugh. The reason ? An unusual question, asked by the lawyer of Amber Heard. The defense of the actress asked a witness if Disney had given a million alpacas to Johnny Depp. If the witness answers “no”, the actor cannot help laughing. A new image that is therefore talking about the actor of Pirates of the Caribbean who has continued to have a casual attitude during this trial. For her part, Amber Heard remains, as usual, stoic.

Johnny Depp: “You want to see madness, I’ll give it to you”

Last week, another video was released during the trial in which Johnny Depp can be seen in an intense state of anger. Filmed without his knowledge by Amber Heard, the actor is in his kitchen: he slams the doors, breaks bottles, drinks large quantities of alcohol. We can hear Amber Heard talking to her: “What’s going on? I woke up and you were so nice and adorable. We didn’t even have a fight this morning!”, she points out. But Johnny Depp can’t calm down: “You want to see madness, I’ll give it to you”. During this trial, many statements have reported a certain violence between the two actors.

Courtroom Moment: #JohnnyDepp laughs as #AmberHeard’s attorney asked a witness whether #Disney would entertain Depp by giving him more than 1 million alpacas.

— Law&Crime Network (@LawCrimeNetwork) May 19, 2022
Johnny Depp and Amber Heard © Backgrid UK

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