The trial between Johnny Depp and his ex-wife Amber Heard continues. The actress continues to claim to have been the victim of domestic violence by the American actor, but the latter denies the facts and denounces defamatory accusations. As they took turns taking turns at the bar in Fairfax Court to recount the events that allegedly transpired during their relationship, Amber Heard recently made a mistake that could cost her dearly.

Indeed, during one of his testimonies, the star of Aquaman assured that in 2015 Johnny Depp would have pushed his little sister Whitney Henriquez down the stairs. An event that would have reminded him of another terrible anecdote concerning Kate Moss to whom the actor would have subjected the same thing. But upon mentioning the famous model, Amber Heard inadvertently allowed her ex-husband’s lawyers to call her as a witness to clarify the rumor, which many believe is false.

“Kate wants to defend her friend”

And this Wednesday, May 25, the one we nicknamed the Twig must therefore deliver her truth on this affair during a recorded testimony. A relative of Kate Moss told the Daily Mail on Tuesday, May 24 that he already knew the content of his remarks. The rumor would be linked to an event that occurred between 1994 and 1997, when the supermodel and Johnny Depp were in a relationship. They were then on vacation in Jamaica, and Kate Moss, who was wearing flip flops, would have simply slipped on the stairs, and almost fell, before the star of Pirates of the Caribbean does not catch up with her. “Johnny lifted Kate up and carried her – not Amber’s creepy interpretation of events at all,” the source told the outlet, before adding that “Kate has nothing to win by testifying, but she wants to defend her friend”. If these statements are correct, they risk dealing a new blow to the defense of Amber Heard.

Kate Moss © Zuma Press

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