It is an extraordinary trial that opened a few weeks ago in Washington. Johnny Depp attacked his former wife, Amber Heard following her testimony in the Washington Post, in which she spoke about her past as a battered wife. Broadcast live on Youtube, the days in court are very eventful. Especially since the appearance of the actor’s former doorman who has continued to give more atypical testimonies than each other. And for good reason: Alejandro Romero was forced to answer a rather daring question about an intimate part of the actor.

Indeed, the lawyer of Amber Heard asked this former doorman if he had “seen the penis” of Johnny Depp. A question that caused the hilarity of the actor but which makes sense: Amber Heard accused her former husband of having urinated on him when they were at their property in Australia in 2015. It was during this period that the latter would have cut off the actor’s finger by throwing a glass bottle of vodka at him. “When you arrived at the house, you could hear some heckling. Couldn’t you? You walked into the house and saw Mr. Depp in the foyer. Correct?”, begins by asking the lawyer for the defense. The interviewed man confirms.

“Mr. Depp had his penis out of his pants, didn’t he?”.

But the lawyer insists: “Mr. Depp was trying to urinate in the foyer, wasn’t he?” To which Alejandro Romero replies: “No”. An answer that does not satisfy the defense of the actress: “Mr. Depp had his penis out of his pants, didn’t he?”. Again, the answer is no: “I think I would remember if I had seen Mr. Depp’s penis.” A sentence that made the principal concerned die of laughter, whose lawyer also did not fail to make the assembly laugh when asked about Johnny Depp’s drug and alcohol consumption: ” He has a very high tolerance for all substances. I think Jack Sparrow is more drunk than Johnny Depp.”

Amber Heard © WALTER

Lara T.
Lara T.

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