On the occasion of the release of her memoir, Out of the Corner, Jennifer Gray gave a new interview to Entertainment Tonight. The actress was asked about the lawsuit led by her former companion, Johnny Depp, against Amber Heard. “All I can say about this lawsuit is that it breaks my heart for everyone involved,” she said initially. “I just think it’s sad and I wish it was resolved and I wish everyone the best of luck,” she added. As a reminder, the star of Dirty Dancing and Johnny Depp shared a beautiful love story for nine months, in 1989.

In the same interview, Jennifer Gray called Johnny Depp a “sweet, loving, romantic and crazy about me, and beautiful” person. She met the famous comedian just after separating from Matthew Broderick. “I desperately needed to bounce back into something like Johnny Depp in 1989,” she added before continuing her praise for Johnny Depp. “Believe me, it was a very soft landing. It was necessary. I was bleeding inside and this guy saved me and just made me…not feel what I was feeling.”

Jennifer Gray praised Johnny Depp

In her book, Jennifer Gray recounted her first date with Johnny Depp. She considered him “funny, quirky and kind”. She never stopped encouraging him during the months she was by his side. “I never had that kind of unwavering vision for myself. Instead, I focused my energy on him, advising him, encouraging him to see the limitless opportunities and swinging for the fences. “

Jennifer Gray © Backgrid USA

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