“A sociopathic show pony”. This is how Gina Deuters’ companion describes Amber Heard. The latter, intimate with Johnny Depp via her husband Stephen Deuters, the actor’s personal assistant, has closely witnessed the disintegration of the couple’s life of the two stars who face each other today in court. Asked by PageSix, Gina Deuters returned to a question Amber Heard asked her during her marriage to Johnny Depp: “She leaned over to me and asked me: ‘Are you and Stephen arguing? sometimes ?’. I said, ‘Sometimes we argue,’ and she said, ‘No, Gina, do you really argue?’ It was quite disconcerting. »

A strange question which did not fail to question in turn Gina Deuters on the personality of the ex of Johnny Depp, whom she suspects of feeding on the slightest conflict. “I think part of Amber believes that fighting is a passion […] Amber is used to getting what she wants. “Having not obtained satisfaction during his marriage, according to Deuters, Heard would now have the sole ambition to “destroy” Depp. The personal assistant of the actor would therefore have served as a mediator to try to ease the tensions. The testimony of Gina Deuters, meanwhile, would have been removed from the minutes, the latter having admitted to having seen extracts from the trial online.

Johnny Depp under the yoke of Amber Heard

According to Gina Deuters, Johnny Depp would have fallen under the yoke of his wife during his marriage to Amber Heard. “It was quite shocking to see how she ended up isolating him from his family and his friends… We really felt like we had lost him,” she comments. At the start of the marriage, according to Deuters, Amber Heard behaved like a “fairly submissive” housewife until she took control of her husband’s life. Enough to fuel the suspicions of this close friend of Depp, saddened to see her “precious friend […] victim of domestic violence”. It was time to reopen the old wounds to heal better!

Amber Heard © Zuma Press / Bestimage

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