New very important support for Johnny Depp in the defamation lawsuit he is leading against his ex-wife Amber Heard. A few hours before knowing the verdict of this trial which kept Americans in suspense for six weeks, Lili-Rose Depp was photographed at Los Angeles airport on Tuesday May 31, 2022. The young woman did everything to try to pass incognito. Despite her black sunglasses and mask, the paparazzi recognized Johnny Depp’s daughter. If she has been very discreet since the start of the trial, she no doubt felt that it was the right time to come and support her father. In the event of another defeat against Amber Heard, there is no doubt that he will need his eldest daughter.

In 2020, during the first trial between Amber Heard and her father, the 23-year-old actress spoke on her Instagram account. She then shared a photo of her and her father and assured, in legend, to support the first man in her life. She said he was the most loving person she knew. For this new trial, Lili-Rose Depp remained much more discreet but probably did not change her mind about her dad.

Johnny Depp has received a lot of support

The latter has also received many supports throughout the duration of the trial. Public opinion is even on his side. On social networks, on numerous occasions, Internet users have pointed out what they consider to be the inconsistencies of Amber Heard. She even received death threats. The verdict of this trial is eagerly awaited and should cause a lot of noise. As a reminder, Johnny Depp’s ex-wife accused him of domestic violence.

Lily-Rose Depp © Zuma Press

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