For several weeks, Johnny Depp has been in the center of attention because of his highly publicized trial. While the verdict, in his favor, was rendered a few days ago, the actor is determined to take control of his life and he shared a publication on his Instagram account this Wednesday, June 8. This one did not go unnoticed since it is a photo of Hedy Lamarr, an Austrian actress, film producer and inventor, naturalized American, born November 9, 1914 and died January 19, 2000. In legend of his post, he simply wrote: “Soon”. Did Johnny Depp talk about the rest of his career? Will he soon release a song in tribute to the actress? In the comments, he was immediately able to count on the support of his subscribers, eager to learn more. “I can’t wait to check out this song Johnny,” one wrote. Another spoke of his “impatience to listen to the album”. Messages that must have pleased the principal concerned, who can now focus on his career.

After several weeks of a highly publicized trial, the verdict was rendered on June 1st. The judges voted unanimously in favor of the actor. Amber Heard was found guilty of defamation with malicious intent against Johnny Depp and damages to the tune of $15 million. If he was not physically present in court since he had professional commitments, the actor however wished to address his subscribers on his Instagram account. “After six years, the jury brought me back to life. I am truly touched”, he first wrote before adding: “Six years ago, my life, the life of my children and people around me changed forever. False, very serious and criminal accusations were made against me in the media, while no official charges were ever made against me.” Afterwards, he assured that his goal was to “bring out the truth. Telling the truth was something that I promised my children and the people who continued to believe in me”, he claimed before to clarify that he is now “at peace”.

Johnny Depp: what decision did he really make?

Now released from this trial, Johnny Depp is determined to resume a normal life. A few days ago, he opened a Tik Tok account. The purpose of this social network is to share videos using sounds, more or less funny. Quickly, the actor was followed by more than a million users and he has already shared a first video, in which we can see behind the scenes of his last concert with his friend Jeff. The opportunity for Johnny Depp to thank once again the people who have been by his side during all these weeks. “To all my most valued, loyal and steadfast supporters. We have been everywhere together, we have seen everything together”, he wrote first before adding: “You are, as always, my employers and once again, I want to thank you. Thank you”.

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