Johnny Depp seems to be a court subscriber. After spending very long weeks facing his ex-wife Amber Heard in a defamation lawsuit, the actor is ready to launch new legal proceedings in another case concerning him. Indeed, according to information released by Rolling Stone magazine on Saturday October 22, 2022, the former star of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise has decided to sue a certain Bruce Jackson alongside guitarist Jeff Beck. In fact, this university professor accused the actor and his musician friend of plagiarism concerning one of the songs present in their joint album, soberly baptized 18, which was released in July 2022.

Having absolutely no intention of letting themselves go, Johnny Depp and Jeff Beck therefore made the decision to attack Bruce Jackson, claiming damages and interest from him, as well as the reimbursement of legal costs. At the same time, the two artists also requested a statement from the accuser, in which he must affirm that they did not commit copyright infringement. This story began in August 2022, when the professor pointed out that there were many similarities between the text of the song Sad Motherfuckin’ Parade, and that of Hobo Ben, a poem. “I’ve been publishing for 50 years, and this is the first time I’ve seen someone simply copy something and put their own name on it,” said Bruce Jackson, before specifying that only Johnny Depp and Jeff Beck appeared in the credits of this controversial title.

Johnny Depp and Jeff Beck are suing the professor who accuses them of plagiarism

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Johnny Depp: Amber Heard found guilty of defamation of her ex-husband

Initially, nothing predestined this case to end up in court, since Bruce Jackson did not choose to sue the two artists for plagiarism. For his part, the spokesperson for the joint album of Johnny Depp and Jeff Beck had assured to study the problem with them, and that “new credits would be added (…) if it seemed appropriate”. Apparently, the situation between the three men deteriorated over time. Johnny Depp should therefore once again find himself in court, after his highly publicized trial against his ex-wife Amber Heard, who had hit the headlines a few months ago. As a reminder, the actor had sued his former companion for defamation.

He mainly blamed her for a column published in 2018 on the Washington Post website, in which she claimed to be the victim of domestic violence. For long weeks, the testimonies for the prosecution and the defense followed one another at the bar of the court of Fairfax in the State of Virginia. Amber Heard’s sister notably painted a very unflattering portrait of Johnny Depp, while model Kate Moss defended her former companion. In the end, the jury found that the former wife of Johnny Depp was guilty of defamation of the actor. She was therefore ordered to pay him several million dollars in damages.

Johnny Depp: the star in the turmoil of a new legal battle


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