Some people don’t do things by halves. This is the case of Johnny Depp, who treated himself to a dinner with friends at an insane cost in an Indian restaurant in Birmingham, England. The actor was in town to play on stage with his friend, guitarist Jeff Beck, who is currently on tour, and the two men met, with about twenty friends, at the Varanasi restaurant, which had been privatized for the occasion. “We received a surprise call on Sunday afternoon saying that Johnny Depp wanted to come and eat with a group of friends,” restaurant manager Mohammed Hussain told the Daily Mail. “I was shocked and at first thought it was a joke. But his security team arrived, inspected the restaurant and we booked the whole space for them because we were afraid that ‘they are disturbed by other customers’. A real opportunity for this restaurant which, in the space of one evening, pocketed a note of 50,000 pounds (58,594 euros). “We made more money with Depp’s visit than on our busiest night of the week, Saturday, when we serve around 400 customers,” Mohammed Hussain added.

Johnny Depp “adorable” according to restaurant staff

“He spent a lot of time talking with the staff, our friends and our family and he was happy to pose for pictures with them. You would never have thought he was such a big star. He had plenty of time for all of us,” Mohammed Hussain said, describing Johnny Depp as “a lovely guy with his feet on the ground.” His best memory of the evening? When the actor “wanted to take a break with the others” and came to join him for about twenty minutes to chat in his office. During this exchange, the manager of the restaurant did not wish to mention the trial, as for Johnny Depp, he would have shown a great interest in the surveillance cameras of the establishment.

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