Legendary actor of the 90s and 2000s, Johnny Depp is now more talked about for his private life than his professional life. Separated from actress Amber Head since 2016 after four years of relationship, Johnny Depp is accused by his ex-wife of domestic violence while he himself accuses Amber Head of the same thing. These accusations had strong repercussions for Johnny Depp, since he has hardly been touring for two years. He was notably fired from the Fantastic Beasts franchise and Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen will reprise his role for the third installment.

Long remained silent on the subject, Johnny Depp finally spoke this weekend in an interview with Sunday Time. He denounces in particular the fact that Minamata, his next film in which he plays reporter William Eugene Smith, has been postponed to a date still unknown and is not even sure to be released in the United States: “There are films that affect people, impact those in Minamata and those who go through similar things. And all for nothing … just because I’m boycotted by Hollywood? One man, one actor in a bad situation and complicated, in the midst of all these years? “

Does Johnny Depp still have a future in Hollywood?

Johnny Depp claims to have been boycotted by Hollywood for five years, which he describes as “surreal”. Last year he lost a lengthy lawsuit against British tabloid The Sun, which explicitly described him as an abusive husband. The future of Johnny Depp in Hollywood now seems very vague. He says he’s going to “highlight some things” but he still looks a long way from a comeback in the spotlight. In the meantime, Johnny Depp will nevertheless be honored by two festivals in the coming weeks, in San Sebastian in Spain and in Karlovy in the Czech Republic.

Johnny Depp © Europa Press

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