For several weeks, Johnny Depp was at the heart of the news. From April 11, the actor faced justice in a lawsuit against his ex-wife, Amber Heard. This one was highly publicized and, following his victory, he is now ready to resume his life. On June 28, it was in the streets of Paris that he could be seen. As revealed by the Daily Mail, Johnny Depp had however opted for discretion and he had tried to camouflage himself in order to be able to take full advantage of his ride. Indeed, he wore a charcoal gray cap, a military jacket and black sunglasses. According to information from the media, he would be in the capital to start shooting a film that could allow him to return to the front of the stage. He will interpret the role of Louis XV and has already made several round trips to the Clichy studios to try on costumes and wigs. A project close to his heart.

Johnny Depp’s career has been greatly impacted by the accusations against him. As a reminder, he has been replaced in the Fantastic Beasts franchise. The actor played the role of Grindelwald and it was Mads Mikkelsen who was chosen. A decision that had been widely commented on, especially by his fans who had a lot of trouble accepting it. In addition, the actor played the famous Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean for a long time and many rumors have emerged indicating that he could make a comeback. “It’s an invention,” his rep told NBC News. In order to convince him, Disney had sent him a “gift basket with a very sincere letter”, had confided a source close to the actor who had then specified that the studio had offered him 301 million dollars. A request to which Johnny Depp does not seem to have wanted to follow up. There is also a Captain Sparrow spin-off being considered. Will he return to his role?

Johnny Depp: what are his future projects?

Now released from this trial, Johnny Depp is determined to resume a normal life. A few weeks ago, he opened a Tik Tok account on which he has only uploaded one video so far. Afterwards, he shared a photo of Hedy Lamarr, an Austrian naturalized American actress, film producer and inventor, on his Instagram account. In caption of his post, he had simply written: “Soon”. Will he soon release a song in tribute to the actress? More recently, he was spotted on the set of his new movie. Many projects that show that Johnny Depp is determined to return to the front of the stage.

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