He could receive the prize for the best physical transformations. Since the start of his career, actor Johnny Depp hasn’t hesitated to wear make-up to completely get into the shoes of his characters. Proof that he does not lock himself into a defined type, he always seeks to astonish the spectator. It was for example in 1990 that Johnny Depp made an impression by lending his features to Edward in Tim Burton’s Edward in the Scissorhands. Pale face and dark circles, scars, disheveled black hair… Johnny Depp made a real transformation for the beginning of his collaboration with the director.

After having chained a dozen films (Cry Baby, Arizona Dream, Ed Wood, Dead Man), Johnny Depp found himself in 1998 in Las Vegas Parano by Terry Gilliam. Became Raoul Duke, a lit journalist, the actor has metamorphosed into a beauf of the 70s: swimming pool shorts, Hawaiian shirt, tourist hat and white socks, he had all the paraphernalia. A totally different look from the one he adopted in 2001 for Before the Night by Julian Schnabel. A columnar blow with hair slicked back, a blow as a woman with a blonde wig, he proved that he knew how to go from cock to donkey.

Johnny Depp: his roles that have marked

In 2003, when the first installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean saga was released, Johnny Depp built himself a cult character: that of Jack Sparrow. His filthy 17th century pirate look earned him his first Oscar nomination. Then, the actor chained incredible and memorable transformations, notably in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005), Sweeney Todd (2007), Alice in Wonderland (2010) and Dark Shadows (2012). But that’s not all: find all his metamorphoses in our slideshow.


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