As the Depp-Heard trial resumes Monday, May 16 for a final seven-day stretch, the end of the truce could be tough for Johnny Depp. At the bar of the court in Fairfax, where the trial has been taking place since April 11, in Virginia, a former companion of the star of Pirates of the Caribbean is expected to testify. According to People, it is Ellen Barkin, ex-partner of Johnny Depp in the film Las Vegas Parano (1998) by Terry Gilliam. The 68-year-old actress had a brief affair with the star in 1997, following her split from then-husband Gabriel Byrne.

And the one who shared the poster for the cult film with Tim Burton’s favorite actor should not be tender with her ex-lover. Indeed, Ellen Barkin is close to Amber Heard and it is in her favor that she will testify on video, just as she had done during the previous trial of the ex-spouses in the United Kingdom. During the story that she had delivered in London in 2020, Ellen Barkin had remembered a bottle of wine that Johnny Depp would have thrown at her, “jealous” and aggressive, corroborating the version of Amber Heard.

Johnny Depp: ‘I didn’t feel the same’

Asked in turn about this relationship, Johnny Depp had been clear. The latter, quoted in the Daily Mail, had specified that he had known Ellen Barkin “for many years”, before they began an affair that was more sexual than sentimental on the sidelines of the filming of Las Vegas Parano. An idyll that the actress did not perceive like him: “I did not feel the same for her as she felt for me”, explained the actor. A divergence which, according to the interpreter of Jack Sparrow, would have fed resentment at Ellen Barkin: “She wanted more than an affair, she wanted a real relationship with me, which I did not want.”, and to add that it would have made her “very angry”. The old friends would no longer be spoken to. Ellen Barkin will testify alongside Whitney Henriquez, sister of Amber Heard.

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