New testimony could well tip the Depp-Heard trial. According to Johnny Depp’s bodyguard, the actor could have been beaten by Amber Heard on their honeymoon. If these assumptions were confirmed, Amber Heard’s defense would suffer a serious setback that could affect the outcome of the trial, still underway in Fairfax, Virginia. Called to the bar on Thursday April 28, Malcolm Connolly spoke from the United Kingdom. Relayed by the Daily Mail, the man says he noticed a disturbing detail on the face of the one who had employed him since 2006.

The interpreter of Jack Sparrow would have presented “scratches” and “blisters” while the couple was on their honeymoon in 2013. A memory supported by a photo of the star presented to the court. This one appears well the face injured at the level of the eye, alongside Amber Heard, in evening dress. Asked about his interpretation of the facts, he explains that he thought of a shock with a door, “He may have entered a door, or a door entered him”, he quipped.

Amber Heard “wanted to wear the pants”

The British security officer nevertheless indicated two things. First, he claims that he has never seen Amber Heard or Johnny Depp show violence towards each other. However, he would have perceived a deterioration in their relationship: “It was great to see Johnny happy again. Amber was charming”, he first recalled. And to add that the couple began to argue regularly: “Amber started to change. Amber started to become a little more fiery, demanding. I could see that Amber wanted to wear the pants in this relationship. C was pretty obvious,” he said. Malcolm Connolly specifies that he would have seen his boss scowling, while the actress took more insurance. Previously, lawyers revealed that Elon Musk paid much of the money the Aquaman star owed to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). The overspending of both parties has also been made public.

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