For three weeks, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard have been unpacking their private life in the court of Fairfax, Virginia. If the actress accuses her former husband of domestic violence, he attacked her for defamation following his statements in the Washington Post, in 2018. If the actor continues to claim his innocence, Amber Heard has delivered a chilling testimony in which she describes the abuse she allegedly suffered. But this Thursday, May 5, the tension has gone up a notch. If everything is done so that the former spouses do not meet, a surreal scene was filmed by surveillance cameras.

On the images broadcast, we can then see Amber Heard getting up to go on a lunch break. But at the same time, Johnny Depp who is discussing with his lawyer, also joins the bar. Seeing her ex-husband approaching, she cringes, visibly frightened. The police present in the room intervene and thus ask the actor to move away. The tension is clearly visible between the two who almost had contact when for several weeks they have only spoken to each other indirectly.

The chilling testimony of Amber Heard

Previously, Amber Heard described the abuse she allegedly suffered: “During our arguments, I always tried to defend myself. In December 2014, I pushed him away again and again. I was always trying to get up but sometimes, well almost always, it made the situation worse and seemed to provoke him (…) I was yelling at him, insulting him with horrible words, I was so angry at what was happening to me. To me it was all so unfair.” For his part, Johnny Depp declared under oath never to have raised his hand on Amber Heard: “I have never hit Mrs. Heard. I have never hit a woman in my life”.

Moment when #AmberHeard and #JohnnyDepp almost run into each other in the courtroom at the break. They appear to make eye contact. @LawCrimeNetwork

— Cathy Russon (@cathyrusson) May 5, 2022
Johnny Depp © Backgrid USA

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