A luxurious bedroom and two bathrooms, one of which is over 500 m², the former property of Amber Heard and Johnny Depp acquired during their marriage has something to dream about. The property of the ex-spouses will go on sale this Friday, June 10 for 1.76 million dollars. A nice sum for a share of what was the love nest of the couple before their separation. This marketing represents an exceptional sale. The apartment is nestled in the heart of the Eastern Columbia Building, an Art Deco building classified as a historical monument and dating from 1930, in which Johnny Depp owned five penthouses connected to each other, then sold separately following his break up with the star of ‘Aquaman in 2016.

And if the ex-lovebirds have long since deserted the place, they seem to have taken advantage of it. At least that’s what Ernie Carswell, one of the real estate agents responsible for the sale, says. Quoted by the Daily Mail, the latter, who did not wish to expand on the sinister events mentioned in the trial, also specified that Amber Heard and Johnny Depp liked to splash around in the swimming pool on the roof of the building. , rarely used. According to him, the couple also enjoyed spending time in their imposing bathroom with a view of the east facade of the building. Happy days that seem far away since the announcement of the verdict condemning Amber Heard to pay 10 million dollars to her ex-husband. An issue that has nothing to do with the sale, assures the agent. Johnny Depp had also already separated from several of his properties held in Eastern Columbia for 12.78 million dollars. One of the lofts has since been put up for rent for a monthly rent of $5,500.

The villa rented by Amber Heard for the trial caused a scandal

Still in the field of real estate, Amber Heard recently made a name for herself for her expenses on the sidelines of the trial. The 36-year-old actress is said to have rented a luxurious villa to stay in Virginia, 25 minutes from Fairfax, where the court that tried the case was located. Far from skimping on the means, Amber Heard did not look at the expense since this property of nearly 4,000 m² would have cost him 22,000 dollars per month. On site, a tennis court, a spa and a private cinema. According to the details reported by the Daily Mail, the young woman would also have welcomed her mother and her sister, Whitney, who came to support her and testify on her behalf. Yet another controversy that does not help the case of the star, who appealed the verdict.

Johnny Depp has sold the 4th of 5 penthouses atop the Eastern Columbia Building https://t.co/F9CEB9j0KM pic.twitter.com/FS3HvLYXaY

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