A trial (a little too) public. After a London trial in 2020, it is in the United States that Amber Heard and Johnny Depp clash. The actor filed a complaint against his ex-wife for defamation, the latter claiming to be the victim of domestic violence. If for many days Johnny Depp was able to give his version of the facts, it is now Amber Heard’s turn to tell his truth. And the least we can say is that it is chilling. This trial being broadcast live daily, this obviously gives everyone the right to have a clear opinion on the issue and to get involved. Mickey Rourke is no exception. This Monday, May 9, the 69-year-old spoke on Instagram through four publications.

If he shares images of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, in legend, he tells his own story. “I did not watch the trial but more than 20 years ago I was accused of very similar charges,” he says at first. Mickey Rourke was then in Florida where he was training for a boxing match when his lawyer gave him “48 hours to surrender” to the Los Angeles police. The man explains that he was flabbergasted and when he asked his lawyer the reason for this summons, the latter simply replied “Come on Mickey, you know why”. “I had no idea, but I flew back and they put me in jail for a few days,” he explains. He was then accused of having “bitten a woman with whom I was living”.

Charges against Mickey Rourke were eventually dropped

“Their accusations were horrible, chaotic, terrible, but what hurt the most was that everyone believed in them”, he laments when he kept saying that these “accusations were just lies”. He claims to have had “problems” only with men, to understand that he has never beaten a woman. And this, even if he prides himself on having “learned to [se] fight very young, and to have learned to do it so well”. In view of the photographs of this woman “beaten from the ankles to the top of the skull”, Mickey Rourke’s lawyer had advised her to accept the following deal: plead guilty, do 4000 hours of community service and surrender for six months in training to combat domestic violence. Reaction of the person concerned? banging his fist on the table and retorting to his lawyer: “Fuck you, I’m not pleading guilty for something I didn’t do”. He therefore risked four years in prison.

But what he remembers most is “living in such shame”. Finally, about six months later, “my dirty lawyer who wanted me to plead guilty called me and said that all charges against me had been dropped”. He then believes that the prosecutor had “discovered by himself harmful information about” his accuser who according to Mickey Rourke was “heroin addict”. If Mickey Rourke sees a situation comparable to the case between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp, difficult to make the connection. The charges are absolutely not analogous. Only the judge, after hearing the different parties, will be able to decide whether or not Amber Heard’s words are true.

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