The legal battle between Johnny Depp and his ex-wife Amber Heard will have had unexpected fallout. Like having made famous Camille Vasquez, the young lawyer who helped the star of Pirates of the Caribbean win his case. The advice of the interpreter of Jack Sparrow was propelled in spite of herself on the front of the stage, appearing in the last weeks of the trial as one of the close supports of the actor, at the bar of the court of Fairfax, in Virginia. A personality noticed by fans of Johnny Depp, some imagining a romance between their idol and his lawyer, since denied. This victory does not seem to have gone unnoticed in the profession. At 37, Camille Vasquez is about to see her career take off, solicited, according to the New York Post, by large firms and several editorial staff who would like her in their ranks.

Chosen late by Ben Chew, Johnny Depp’s main lawyer to represent the actor, Camille Vasquez was until now an employee of the renowned firm Brown Rudnick. The young woman notably stood out for her knowledge of the case and her confidence during the hearings. His cross-examination pointing out the inconsistencies in the version of Amber Heard would have weighed in the balance and dealt a decisive blow to the defense of the actress. The one who defended Johnny Depp would now be overwhelmed with offers. According to the confidences of a producer in the New York Post, the agents of all Hollywood would see in her a major asset: “She is an intelligent, clever and calm lawyer. Her performance at the trial gave her a level of visibility The fact that she comes from diversity is a bonus,” the source told the tabloid. The young woman was offered the position of partner of Brown Rudnick, a promotion embellished with a salary increase which she accepted, appointed in stride on June 7.

Camille Vasquez, reputed to be “a shark”

Born in San Francisco to parents of Colombian and Cuban origin, Camille Vasquez did not wait for the Depp-Heard trial to forge a reputation. According to the description given to the New York Post by a legal source, the lawyer was already recognized within her firm as particularly gifted and tenacious: “He’s a shark”, explains the source, “It’s almost shocking that “She was not named a partner before the trial and she has not been since. The biggest firms dream of hiring her.”, quotes the media again.

Johnny Depp’s legal victory against Amber Heard has allowed lawyer Camille Vasquez to be placed in the spotlight. She is now courted by the biggest firms and several media dream of putting her on the air.

– The Point (@ThePoint) June 7, 2022

We are pleased to announce that Camille Vasquez has been elevated to partner. She was a key member of the litigation team that won a jury verdict last week for actor #JohnnyDepp in his defamation trial against ex-wife Amber Heard. Full announcement here:

— Brown Rudnick (@BrownRudnickLLP) June 7, 2022
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