“Every day, I listen to your songs to hear your voice”. It is with infinite tenderness and palpable emotion that Jade and Joy intervened in the documentary Johnny by Laeticia broadcast this Thursday, December 8 on M6. Five years ago now, on December 5, 2017, the two teenagers found themselves fatherless. A terrible drama. An impossible mourning. A broken family afterwards. But when Johnny Hallyday was still in this world, he was the rock of Jade and Joy. A pillar on which they have always been able to count. Even during his fight against cancer, Johnny Hallyday was a present and caring father for his two youngest. And they gave it back to him. “We never hid the disease from them so they accompanied their dad to the end,” says Laeticia Hallyday in the M6 ​​film. This is still the case today.

If they do not intervene in front of the cameras like their mother, Jade and Joy are an integral part of this documentary. Their adoption and their family life for four are the very essence of this Johnny by Laeticia which is full of videos from their arrival within the couple until the last breath of the Taulier. So much so that they wanted to appear in their own way. At the very end of the documentary, Jade and Joy – now 18 and 14 respectively – take the floor, reading aloud from letters they wrote to their late father. Poignant words of love that should not leave viewers indifferent. “My loving dad, every day I listen to your songs to hear your voice,” begins one of Laeticia Hallyday’s daughters. And to continue: “Every day, I think of the most cherished moments that we spent together in your office watching horror films, making jokes and laughing all four. The four of us for life at never without anyone else. I love you.”

Johnny Hallyday “misses terribly” at Jade and Joy

The second takes over by assuring her dad that he is “the best, the nicest”. “We miss you terribly. For us, you were a legend, an idol but even better: a dad. Our dad. You helped us all the way. Thank you for being there for us”, concludes the teenager . Words that would have touched the main interested party in the heart and which certainly caused a few tears to flow, in particular those of Laeticia Hallyday. It was in 2004 after several IVF attempts that the two lovebirds decided to go to Vietnam to adopt Jade. A first piece of cabbage that turned their daily lives upside down. And in particular that of Johnny Hallyday who regretted having been absent for David and Laura Smet and who hoped to catch up with this toddler. “Everything I couldn’t do with the others, I do it with Jade. I want to see Jade grow up,” confided Johnny Hallyday. Love at first sight had been immediate. “They put her in my arms, I looked at her, she had two small black eyes, she stared at me. And then Laeticia took her in her arms. She fell asleep in the Laeticia’s arm, on his shoulder and that, I will always remember”, he threw stars in his eyes, even admitting to becoming “completely doting” in front of his little girl.

Johnny by Laeticia: the moving words of Jade and Joy to their late dad

Jade, Laeticia and Joy Hallyday © DOMINIQUE JACOVIDES

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