A dive into the intimate. This Thursday, December 8, M6 is broadcasting an exceptional documentary on Johnny Hallyday which is told through the eyes of Laeticia Hallyday and hundreds of hours of videos shot by the latter or those close to the couple. In Johnny by Laeticia, the one who shared the life of the rock star for 22 years traces their romance. Without erasing the ordeals they have gone through such as Johnny Hallyday’s infidelity or his drug use, for example. Above all, she returned to their difficulty in having a child. A real “weight” for Laeticia Hallyday. “It had become an obsession for him to have a child and I could not give him this child so it was great moments of deep pain for me. I carried this weight for years”, confides does she face cameras.

For ten years, Laeticia Hallyday has yet chained IVF. Until the day when one of them worked. “I was pregnant!” she recalls wistfully. But their happiness was short-lived. Their hope flew away and turned to despair again. “I carried a child until five months of pregnancy and I lost this child”, she says not without emotion. After this new disappointment, Laeticia and Johnny Hallyday made the decision to adopt a piece of cabbage in Vietnam. “It was really a will of both his and mine”, wishes to specify the mother of Jade and Joy. In November 2004, they welcomed their first three-month-old baby girl into their family. And instantly, they fell in love with their toddler.

What kind of father Johnny Hallyday was for Jade and Joy?

“They put her in my arms, I looked at her, she had two small black eyes, she stared at me. And then Laeticia took her in her arms. She fell asleep in the Laeticia’s arm, on his shoulder and that, I will always remember,” said Johnny Hallyday shortly after this adoption, even admitting to being “completely senile” in the face of his princess. Frank, Johnny Hallyday then explained how much the arrival of Jade “changed all [his] life”. And for good reason, he had the regret of not having seen David and Laura Smet grow up. Johnny was only 22 when he first became a dad. “I was on the road all the time, I didn’t see him grow up. Then his mom and I separated so David went to live with his mom in Los Angeles. It’s been a lack all my life “, he lamented.

However, with Laura – whose birth is “one of the most beautiful moments of his life” according to Laeticia – Johnny made the same mistake. No question therefore of being absent a third time. “Everything I couldn’t do with the others, I do it with Jade. I want to see Jade grow up,” insisted the Taulier. And four years later, the couple adopted a second girl, Joy. More than ever, Johnny Hallyday has become more of a dad than a singer. “He became much more of a homebody, almost sociable, he didn’t want to see anyone anymore”, recalls with tenderness Laeticia Hallyday who finally managed to make Johnny (again) a father.

Johnny by Laeticia: his touching secrets about his miscarriage at 5 months of pregnancy

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