Nora Foster, the wife of John Lydon, an iconic member of the punk group Sex Pistols, is fighting a fierce fight against Alzeihmer’s disease from which she suffers. Caring for his wife, the 65-year-old singer devotes almost all of his time to her. In his book I could be Wrong, I could be right, to be published on September 7, Johnny Rotten, by his nickname, confided with an open heart about his daily life with his wife for whom he is very worried: “His illness involves a lot of suffering. I need to have monitors at home. Being away for long periods is difficult, I have to be as brief as possible. ” If he recognizes that this responsibility is not trivial, he considers it his duty to take care of his other half: “It is my duty and I am more than happy to do it. It is difficult. when there is a workload, but I have to deal with it. “

United in the face of the disease, this ordeal even allowed the couple to bond even more than they already were: “I also had problems when I was younger, as a result of meningitis. So I’m in a good position to understand it. It makes us love each other even more, without a doubt. ” he admitted.

John Lydon devoted to his wife

Already last April, John Lydon had poured out his wife’s illness in the columns of the Sunday Times: “Alzheimer’s, he said,” is a slow, perverse and weakening degradation but we are going through this together, with dignity, because I am committed for life “, he explained before giving an overview of his days which often begin very early in the morning, where he helps his wife to eat, to wash herself, to dress. He made a point of not obscuring the moments of despair and the situations which make him want to “bang his head against the walls”: “Nora accidentally set the house on fire twice, he said, so I stopped the gas cooker and installed electric hobs, for more safety, it is I who cook, every day, soups, purees, and stews. ” A loving and devoted husband.

John Lydon (Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols) © GOFF INF

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