Among former American presidents, John Fitzgerald Kennedy really holds a special place. His assassination at the age of 46 in 1963 and his connections with many women including Marilyn Monroe participated in the construction of his image. Among the many women who have known JFK, Diana de Vegh is not the best known but she nevertheless had a relationship of several years with him. Decades later, she told the Air Mail site everything, from meeting him to their separation.

Diana de Vegh met John F. Kennedy in 1958, when he was still a senator. She was only 20 years old, half the age of the future president. They then saw each other again at several speeches and events organized by JFK, then in the middle of the presidential campaign: “I went to one of his speeches, then another, all stunned by the special place I had. In the car just after one of his campaign speeches he said to me: ‘You know I work hard just to win a voice!’ He said he saw something special in me “. Diana says that the entourage of John Fitzgerald Kennedy wanted to help her but also to make sure that she is discreet.

Diana de Vegh: “He never mentioned his marriage to Jackie Kennedy”

She confides that she did not even think about the marriage of John Kennedy to his wife Jackie five years earlier: “I was unable to consider the facts, for example his marriage. He never mentioned it so j decided not to think about it. I stayed in my bubble “. As their friendship turned into an affair, Diana de Vegh explains that John Kennedy did not abuse her but that due to the age gap they had and her social standing, he would have must have understood that he was putting psychological pressure on her: “For a tall man, he still adopted basic male psychology: ‘I see a pretty young woman, I want the pretty young woman”. Finally Diana recounts that her relationship with John Kennedy gradually ended from the time he became president. She then left to live in Paris where she rebuilt her life.

Looking back, Diana de Vegh admits that she had a misconception of what this affair with John Kennedy could become: “When I was 20 years old, John Kennedy had all the qualities of a romantic hero, but our history wasn’t romantic. At the time, I thought she was. Was that great? Definitely, so what? 20-year-olds aren’t meant to be good. ” Although she did not live the end of this relationship with him, Diana now understands that this affair with John Kennedy also helped her to become herself.

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