John Fitzgerald Kennedy assassination: for Oliver Stone, the CIA killed the American president

On November 22, 1963, in Dallas, John Fitzgerald Kennedy was assassinated in the street. A drama that particularly shocked the whole world and in particular Oliver Stone. The director has also decided to look again at this case in a documentary entitled JFK Revisited: Through the Looking Glass. Presented in the Cannes Première section, the documentary looks back on the affair fifty-eight years after the fact. The famous director claims to be based on declassified documents as well as testimonies from members of the last commission of inquiry. Oliver Stone, in the columns of Paris Match, said that the photos that were released of the body of the assassinated former president did not correspond to reality. They would therefore have been tampered with.

Forty people said they saw “a gaping wound on the back of the skull caused by a bullet coming from the front and not from the back. This calls into question the thesis of the lone killer, Lee Harvey Oswald”, he said. , he thus launched. For Oliver Stone, the CIA is behind this assassination. He believes the Lee Harvey Oswald was just a gogo who always denied the facts. Before dying, John Fitzgerald Kennedy had decided to make clear cuts within the CIA. “His whole foreign policy went against the interests of the CIA,” assured the director.

Why is Oliver Stone accusing the CIA?

He made a point of recalling that the former president was a man of peace and it is moreover for this reason that he died. Coincidence? Not for Oliver Stone, the president who succeeded John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson, had decided to do the opposite of him about the CIA by reinforcing his good place.

Oliver Stone © RACHID BELLAK

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