They said “yes” to each other after 18 years of living together. Guest on The Talk show, John Corbett recently revealed that he secretly married Bo Derek, with whom he has had a discreet love affair since the early 2000s. “Jerry, I can’t believe that I forgot to tell you that we got married around Christmas. Bo and I got married! “, announced the interpreter of Aidan in the series Sex and The City, by revealing her alliance, explaining that it is the first time he publicly announces this happy news, while he and the sex symbol are “very secret people”. “We did not make an announcement. All of our friends and family knew about it,” he said, however.

A nice white notebook for the couple who took the plunge, probably thinking that an “older marriage” was definitely a “happy marriage”. Yet Bo Derek had a very strong opinion on marriage a few months ago, she who was married to filmmaker John Derek in 1976, until the latter’s death in 1998. “At our age, we do not expect to have children: we do not start a new family that is important for our family tree. For us, it would only be a piece of paper “, she had confided about a possible union with John Corbett. Before visibly changing your mind.

Breaking News! John Corbett reveals exclusive breaking news about his relationship with Bo Derek to the hosts, including his good pal @MrJerryOC

– The Talk (@TheTalkCBS) August 3, 2021

Does Bo Derek have children?

However, the year 2020 and the Covid-19 pandemic that marked it pushed the star, who has no children, to finally say “yes” to his companion for almost 20 years. “We didn’t want to think back to this year and hate it. So we thought, let’s get something good out of it,” John Corbett told The Talk, who shared the reason why his relationship is working well. for so many years. “We have to be in love. Really, deeply in love. And the funny thing is that we are totally opposed, so when we started we took this relationship one day after another,” he said. thus entrusted.

Bo Derek and John Corbett © GTRES

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