John Belushi: what did the Blues Brothers star die of at just 33?

His excesses were fatal to him. On March 5, 1982, after having achieved success, including playing Jake Blues in the Blues Brothers, died at only 33 years old. That day, the actor’s lifeless body was found in a bungalow at the infamous Chateau Marmont hotel in Los Angeles. It is between these four walls that Dan Aykroyd’s sidekick spent a last very drunken evening made of all kinds of excess. Until the overdose that took him away. John Belushi died after being injected with a cocktail of cocaine and heroin, called speedball. “I think if his films had been more successful, he would have been less addicted to drugs. But, in the end, he was a disillusioned man that his friends could not help,” explained his mentor a few years later. On the night of his death, John Belushi was surrounded by Robin Williams, Robert De Niro and singer Cathy Smith.

In 1986, she was sentenced to 15 months in prison for injecting him with drugs. “I killed John Belushi. I didn’t want to, but I’m responsible,” she once told the National Enquirer. Years after his terrible disappearance, gray areas still remain. “At the time, many attributed Belushi’s drug addiction to his sudden and dizzying fame. But those close to him think it is simplistic,” Judith Belushi Pisano, his last wife, told The Guardian. John was always uneasy about him. “himself, and he was trying to fill it with something. I was an element … And the drugs were part of it. I don’t know, I’m sure that childhood had something to do with it. Which is also part of it. clear from talking to those who knew Belushi and reading books about that time, is that if he took a lot of drugs, many people around him took them as well. “

What did John Belushi’s autopsy reveal?

After John Belushi’s death, an autopsy was performed on his body. The medical examiner determined that he died of acute cocaine and heroin poisoning. But the forensic analysis showed something else. The actor’s condition was a time bomb and a danger to his own health: he had lung congestion and bloating, swelling of the brain, an enlarged liver and obesity. “The addiction was fueled by people he ironically loved. It was the only thing wrong with him,” recalled his partner in the iconic film, Dan Aykroyd. His brother Jim, also an actor, remembered him with a smile: “He captured the hearts of the people of the United States. Those feelings never leave you.”


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