Metal fans are in mourning. They learned of the tragic disappearance of a cador in this discipline. On the night of Tuesday July 27 to Wednesday July 28, 2021, Joey Jordison died. It was his relatives who announced his death, as People reports. He was only 46 years old. For now, the reasons for his disappearance have not yet been revealed. In the press release, it is simply stated that he passed away “in peace, in his sleep”. “Joey’s death left us with indescribable feelings of sadness. As for those who knew Joey, who included his quick wit, gentle personality, giant heart and love for all things,” said the famed drummer’s family. , while calling for respect for his private life.

Joey Jordison had made a name for himself by taking over the drums for the metal band Slipknot. He notably participated in the creation of the group in 1995 alongside bassist Paul Gray. Shortly after the news of his death, the group posted a black image on their Twitter account. A publication that has been shared and commented on many times. Joey Jordison had managed to impose himself with his surprising look and his talent behind the baterrie. Like the rest of the Slipknot members, he always wore a mask and coveralls. He has sold tens of millions of albums around the world.

What did Joey Jordison die of?

In 2013, Joey Jordison had made the choice to leave training without giving any reason for this surprise departure. However, he insisted on ensuring that it was not of his own free will, in particular saying that he was “shocked” and “taken aback”. He then worked with various groups including Murderdolls, Scar the Martyr, and Sinsaenum. No doubt that many tributes will be paid to him.

Joey Jordison © Youtube

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