Since May 24, 1997, Joe Lando has been married to Kirsten Barlow. Little is known about their private life: the couple are very discreet. We know that they were in a relationship for 7 years when they got married, and that they met at the same restaurant where the actor was a pizza chef before breaking into television, while she was a waitress. They never left each other again! Together, they had four children: Jack Neville, born in 1998, Christian Antonio, born in 2001, Kate Elisabeth, born in 2003, and William Joseph, born in 2007. After several years settled in Canada, the family returned to live in Los Angeles.

Like Jane Seymour, Joe Lando was successful thanks to the series Doctor Quinn, female doctor: he played the sexy Byron Sully who galloped through the American West and became over the episodes the companion of the doctor. The following years, he made production and continued his acting profession in parallel: Haine et Passion, Summerland, Melrose Place, NCIS: Special investigations, Rebel hearts … Lately, we saw him in the cinema in The Untold Story and Friendsgiving films.

Is Joe Lando still friends with Jane Seymour?

Both were very successful in the Doctor Quinn series, Doctor Woman, and you know what, Jane Seymour and Joe Lando are great friends in real life! Moreover, for the actress’s 70th birthday, this year, the actor gave her a special gift: a photo of him only dressed in a silk square designed by Jane Seymour. No romance at the rendezvous: it was Kirsten Barlow, Joe’s wife, who took the photo. For her part, Jane Seymour shared the steamy snapshot on her Instagram account to treat her subscribers: “It’s time to break the internet with my scarves. You can all thank the beautiful Kristen for this brilliantly taken photo and for sharing her husband with me … and you on my birthday! ” Joe’s response: “Thank you. And like Adam and his fig leaf, I would feel naked without my Jane Seymour scarf. Happy 70!”.


Lara T.
Lara T.

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